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Ghana News as the most important, Lawrence Postings Media focuses on empowering the network of communication all around Africa, America, Europe and Asia. We are a strong team looking at communicating informative Ghana News and more to the world.

Ghana News is our main priority, then comes other news around the world.

Chief Editor of Ghana News

Ghana News Website
Ghana News Website

My name is Daniel Jeddman.

Daniel Jeddman
Founder and CEO of the Ghana News Platform

Ghana News as my most important, I’m the founder and CEO of Lawrence Postings Media, as well as the main Publisher of the Ghana News Website. I and my team of 10 take strong delights in sharing trustworthy contents from Ghana and around the globe. In other words, we take precautions in our revealing to the general public. Under no circumstances do we tolerate wrong information. We are here to serve and be accepted. Tap HERE to Subscribe to our Telegram or Newsletter (Popups or Modal Forms) to receive daily updates. Read our Privacy Policy to know how important data summary means to us. We are your new system of information

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