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“her story is sad” – Woman who’s boyfriend has cloned her phone seeks help on live TV

The issue of trust in relationships has been in existence since ‘Adam & Eve’. Lovers who initially loved and trusted themselves all of a sudden begin to have trust issues.

A confused lady who’s identified as Naa Adaku after her boyfriend has cloned her phone seeks help on eTV Ghana.

Phone cloning means that the identity of one phone is copied to another phone, making a nearly exact replica of the original – Google.

This confession seems to have been made on the appropriate platform since it has the higher possibility of sorting her out.

The current episode of ‘Girl Vibes’ hosted my Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess saw a different format.

A lady wrote a long letter about something that has been worrying her very well and had it sent to the host Mercy Bee to seek help from her viewers and panelists as to how she should go about her current situation.

According to Naa Adaku, the lady in question, she love her boyfriend so much and they have even bee together for four years.

Now, unprovoked, the boyfriend has put a very strong spyware on her phone which makes knows almost everything that goes on in Naa’s life.

Right from WhatsApp messages, Instagram, Twitter, phones calls, even to her bank balance, etc.

To her, this is very worrying and as when she caught her man, he has apologized but she still sees it as invasion of privacy and wants to sue him but family members says she’s exaggerating the issue.

This has kept her in a state of extreme dilemma and is seeking for help.

‘Girl Vibes’ is one of the top TV shows hosted by Mercy Bee which is aired every Thursday at 8pm (Ghana time) on eTV Ghana.

tap on image to watch the full show (video)

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