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Worlasi tag Medikal as a senseless rapper

Contemporary Ghanaian singer Worlasi has thrown subliminal shades at rapper Medikal by describing his lines as senseless.

Worlasi said in a tweet, without mentioning his name, that a rapper usually raps for three minutes without saying anything that makes sense.

However, many have linked his rather harmless tweet to rapper Medikal under the belief that Worlasi was definitely referring to him in the instance.

Medikal is known for his unconventional rap style, where he combines the simplest of words and jargon to create simple rhyme schemes.

He has been heavily criticized for not stating killer bars or dropping punchlines that could leave the fans in awe.

However, Medikal has maintained that no matter how basic people see his rap style, that is his style.

On the back of that, many believe that for Worlasi to state: “You rap three minutes, one sense sef nor dey inside”, he was definitely shading Medikal.

Rapper Medikal is yet to reply. A reply that could birth a musical beef. With Worlasi’s prowess with words, it could get messier than expected.

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