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Alleged father of Agya Koo begs to reconnect with him

An elderly man named Kwasi Bediako has come forward claiming to be the estranged father of popular Ghanaian actor Agya Koo, expressing regret at not being in his son’s life.

In an interview with Ghana News TV, Bediako spoke about his desire to reconnect with his son and explained why he had been absent for so long.

Bediako claimed that he had an unplanned affair with Agya Koo’s mother in a hotel, which resulted in the conception of their son.

He explained that the woman disappeared after informing him about the results of their amorous encounter.

According to Bediako, he had no idea that Agya Koo was his son and only found out when he became a TV star. He mentioned that he felt too shy to approach Agya Koo, which led to his continued absence in his life.

The man’s claims have sparked interest from social media users, with many stating that absentee fathers do not deserve to walk back into the lives of their children.

Some have questioned Bediako’s motives for coming forward at this time, suggesting that he may be seeking to gain something from Agya Koo.

Agya Koo, who has not yet commented on the situation, in the past denied a claim made by a woman who alleged that she was his mother. The woman had gone public with her claim, stating that she had given birth to the actor several decades ago.

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