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Twene Jonas back online after his death rumor, rain curses

US-based Ghanaian social media commentator Twene Jonas has allegedly been shot and killed by an unknown gang in New York City.

The vociferous socialite who is famed for ruthlessly attacking Ghanaian public figures including politicians, celebrities and pastors was pronounced dead by a TikTok user identified as Nana Agyemang.

According to the faceless handler of the account, Twene Jonas was murdered Tuesday, April 3, 2023, a video he shared paying tribute to the internet personality suggests.

It is believed that Jonas may have been a target of assassination because of his incessant attacks on Ghanaian leaders and personalities, and a hit on him has now been undertaken.

This rumour monger, however, cannot be trusted with this news as he is notorious for causing fear and panic by sharing contents of doom about celebrities.

He recently triggered angry reactions when he claimed dancehall musician Shatta Wale had passed away.

After weeks of Twene Jonas’ fake reported death, he has made his first public appearance and reacted to the hoax.

Speaking in a self-made video in the streets of New York, the notorious political critic vehemently dismissed the reports about his death.

In the video, Twene Jonas alleged that his absence on social media was a result of his vacation in the Bahamas.

He later rained heavy curses on the TikToker who first published the fake report about his death on his TikTok page.

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