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Ghana is not respected globally because influencers fuel rubbish trends – Samuel G

Award-winning Ghanaian singer Samuel G, has taken to his social media to talk how African youth or Ghana youth to be precise, are fueling unnecessary trends instead of the important stuff that needs proper attention.

Over the days, there’s been issues making it to the top trends in Ghana’s trends list. The 10% tax on bet and lottery winnings have been a top issue till now. Hajia Bintu advertising ‘Kayamata’ also made it to the top trends, gaining all the attention from Ghana youth. ‘Akacalito’ a rendition of ‘Apocalypto’ by Akabenezer and his team, made it to the trends list as YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon rubbishes the actor and his team’s efforts.

Popular Ghanaian singer Samuel G in his latest tweet have sent a big advice to the youth, making it known to them how they are not respected globally because they fancy fueling rubbish trends instead of important issues.

He used blogger Kobby Kyei‘s efforts of trying to bring everyone’s attention on how prices of sanitary pads are sky rocketing in the country as reference to what he said.

According to him this and other similar important issues in the country are the ones the youth must talk about mostly so they could be fixed, not unnecessary ‘banter’.

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