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Scientists have found the name of God in our DNA

Even though his powers persists, many still doubt the realness of the almighty.

According to some, they believe God and the whole Jesus and Bible story is just a myth and don’t encourage others to follow.

Even though such people have always been proven wrong in all arguments, they still doubt and challenge the existence of God and everything that amounts to God.

Christianity to such people, have always been a waste of time and energy.

Some people are out there denouncing God with all thier might, just as it is written in the Bible how people will hate God when the end is due.

However a viral video about God has gannered tons of reactions from netizens due to how powerful it is.

The video shows how scientists have discovered the name of God in our DNA, which also add up to the realness of God and his existence.

This video has awed many, as it has also strengthened the believe a lot of people have for God.

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