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Fitness influencer Nash Wan gives himself a multi-million-dollar treat at Zanzibar, netizens awed

“he is indeed enjoying life” – one said.

Nash Wan, who is affectionately known by friends and fans as ‘Agyengo Na$h’ is a health and fitness influencer who values good health aside wealth and any other thing on planet earth.

He preaches the importance of being heathy and wealthy at the same time, trying to debunk the misconception that rich people always die because of bad health or lack of proper time to exercise.

He is also well known for his luxurious living aside how he educates people on how important it is to be fit.

The influencer cum entrepreneur, has taken over social media as he wows thousands after sharing photos and videos of his multi-million-dollar trip to Zanzibar Island, Tanzania.

Prior to that trip he was in Ethiopia. In as much as he was at Zanzibar to enjoy himself, he also took his health and fitness into critical consideration, not forgetting health is the actual wealth.

He made sure he went on with his health and fitness routine aside everything else.

His main aim is to create awareness of how important it is to be fit and how dangerous it is not to be fit, irrespective of our social status, whether rich or poor.

Indeed his campaign has been an inspiration to many others and they have been following him for more inspiration.

Aside from his health and fitness influence, he is also a travel addict who loves to explore. Visiting Zanzibar Island according to him, was one of his dreams and he was surprised he saw himself living his dream. The influencer is currently in Lagos, Nigeria exploring.

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