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Student lawyer explains how the law treats people who promise others marriage and don’t fulfill

Girl Vibes, one of the top educative shows, hosted by award-winning presenter Mercy Bee, the one and only Ekumfi Princess, on Tv now in Ghana has been very impactful ever since commenced.

Previously on Girl Vibes – Online Dating

A lot more prominent females have been featured on the program to share experiences in provided topics to also help strengthen and inspire the female gender and the world as a whole.

The recent episode featured two eloquent, well-spoken females. Irene Nartey an ‘eventprenuer’ and Saybell Love, a student lawyer cum PR expert. The topic for discussion was “The Breach Of Promise To Marry“.

A lot of the unknown was known in the cause of the program as both women apart from being worth the invite, shared their personal experiences on how they had people promised them marriage and it didn’t happen.

“……so the lady one-day saw him having an affair another lady, she decided to move on but then sued the guy…. the guy’s argument was that oh they are already married because he has presented her with a ring and a Bible and... but the court was on the view that, no, in our customary marriage, the presentation of a Bible and a ring does not amount to marriage. And when you look at the Ga traditional marital rites, it also does not amount to marriage so they are not married. Therefore the court ruled in favour of the lady and they awarded her… I think Ghc 2,000 (old Cedis)Saybell Love the student lawyer shared.

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