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Kenyan President rejects LGBTQ+, Ghana still contemplating

Kenyan President, William Ruto has said that he has no problem with how other countries such as America and the UK and others choose to interpret marriage, but his country will not deviate from its constitution, culture and values.

In an interview with a German broadcaster earlier this week, he stressed that Kenya’s customs, traditions and 2010 Constitution have defined marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman.

The interviewer asked about an anti-same-sex law that was passed by Uganda recently, causing the United States of America to issue a warning against its implementation and threatening to withdraw economic assistance to the east African country.

“In Kenya, the only understanding of relationships around marriage is around men marrying women, that is the context of a relationship that exists in Kenya and is provided for in our constitution.

“It (same-sex marriage) can happen elsewhere, we have no issue with people celebrating their issues in America and in other countries, that is their choice,” Ruto said.

“In Kenya, we have taken a position, the position of the Constitution, the position of the laws as it is today, if that is what they (Ugandans) want to do, we cannot dictate to Germans or French or Americans or Ugandans if that is what they want to do.

“That is theirs to do, for us as a country, we have taken a position that is informed by our culture, our tradition, our Constitution and our laws.”

Vice President of the US, Kamala Harris has stated that matters relating to LGBTQI+ are human rights issues, and she and the US government will not countenance any legislation against them.

She is currently in Tanzania after leaving Ghana on Wednesday, March 29 after a three-day stay, which is part of her three-nation tour of Africa. She is expected to move to Zambia next.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s anit-LGBTQI+ Bill has been laid in parliament.

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