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Lynx might use Kidi’s look-alike to make public appearances for Kidi if he’s indeed sick | Ghanaians

About two weeks ago, the internet became very tensed with a shocking news about singer KiDi‘s health popping up. According to sources, they claim the “Enjoyment” hit maker has been inactive on social media because of is health issues which was identified as stroke.

This issue became one of the top discussed issues in Ghana as it involves life and death. Many people upon hearing this sent thier prayers to artistse and pleaded with their source of power to heal thier idol. Some were also angry that such a strory about a celebrity should not be publicized.

After the news went viral and topping the news chart his manager of the record label that Kidi is part of, Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah, Made a public announcement of the singer not having stroke.

His announcement was not really convincing to fans as the singer himself, prior to the news about he suffering from stroke has not been online for more than a month. Even though a statement from his management had come out, people are still praying he gets better.

Time is going and there’s still been no sign of “Sugar Daddy” from anywhere. Not even a tweet or a strory. People are worried about the issue and a lot of them have made their personal conclusions to the matter.

With time some people popped up on the media cliaming they are look-alikes of certain celebrities. Kuami Eugene has his look-alike, King Promise has his look-alike, Shatta Wale has his look-alike, Black Sherif has his look-alike and many more artistse or celebrities.

Relating these look-alikes the singer KiDi’s, current issue, many Ghanaians have made conclusions that Lynx Entertainment, his lable, might train his look-alike to act like Kidi and make public appearances for Kidi if he’s indeed suffering from the alleged stroke.

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