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Daniel Jeddman’s much anticipated book “Put God First” released

Celebrated Ghanaian gosple musician, Daniel Jeddman, after blessing the system with lots of spirit-filled projects, has released his much anticipated book titled “Put God First“.

To him, he has released this book knowing very well it’s going to bless millions of lives, as the writing of the piece was lead by the spirit, just as his inspirational songs were “spirit-led”.

He made an announcement via his verified social media handles on March 20th, urging fans and all lovers of Christ to anticipate his book and even said it was 90% loading.

Graciously to God, he made his project worth anticipating as he didn’t drag the release. The book “Put God First” is available worldwide on Amazon.

The book is available for E book readers, and in Hard Cover and Paper Back respectively on Amazon.


Book Details

Reading age | 9 – 18 years

Print length | 112 pages

Language |English


PUT GOD FIRST talks about a lady called Dora who found herself in the grips of the devil in a dramatic experience, only to know God was watching to prepare her for greater achievements of a lifetime. She went through the valley of shadow of death and came back even stronger than ever before. God fortified her feet and made her forehead stronger than her enemies.
By reading this book, you will be learning so many wonderful things about life. You will be learning from specific characters in this book such as the strange guest who visited Dora’s home and created a very devilish impact and how God came to the rescue of Dora’s family. The saddest part of this book is right from the beginning.
Don’t miss an inch of every line written in this book. Your life will definitely be transformed after reading this wonderful book. The Lord shall surely visit you, transform you and make you greater. If you’re looking for an opportunity to understand how to handle pain, this book is a very strong recommendation for you.

Jeddman has promised to continue his successful journey of music and theology as far as the things of God are concerned. He made it clear that he’s releasing “Sacrifice”, a single project which constructively criticize envy, jealousy, and hatred in the world.

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