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Is it ok to date online? | Learn the ups and downs with Mercy Bee and her guests

With time, the way of doing things has evolved. there have been new ways of doing things, which are a bit different from the known normal. This evolution has affected a lot of things, especially the way opposite sexes relate to each other (dating). In the olden days, there was nothing like “online dating”. Where people will have a love relationship via social media or the via the internet.

There have also been various misconceptions, philosophies, personal ideas, judgments, experiences, etc. surrounding the concept of online dating. Since it has come to stay, there are also advantages and disadvantages with regards to it.

On one of Ghana’s most educative TV shows, “Girl Vibes”, popular award-winning female host Mercy Bee and her guests Lady Rev. Margret Akosua and Esinam, made it clear by explaining the concept of online dating, sharing their experiences and fueling the show with hilarious but critical encounters they have had in dating online.

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