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Broke boys don’t deserve sex | “hook up girl” claims

This has become banter on twitter after an alleged “hookup girl” shared a tweet. Many tweeps did not side with her after she made such a post.

According to a twitter user who’s identified as Ama Judith, she claims boys who are not financially stable should not even think of sex. She also threw shade to boys who don’t have money but always want to have sex with “someone’s daughter”

This tweet did not sit well with twitter users especially the males. The pressure exerted on Ama Judith triggered her to delete the tweet after twitter “agenda boys” made her face the music.

Many influencers, celebrities, or common people may end up deleting tweets that don’t receive high engagement. Retweets/likes/comments are a sign of their popularity. And, tweets with low engagement weaken their Twitter account and they prefer to have them removed. Some also delete tweets when they cannot handle the feedback from tweeps” – according to google

Some tweeps shared thier opinion on what Ama Judith tweeted.

source: @NewsDaily_24

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