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Ghanaian women are perfect until they start dating wrong men – Nana Aba

Nana Aba Anamoah has sparked a debate with a comment about Ghanaian women.

In an interview on Joy FM, Nana Aba boldly claimed that Ghanaian women are perfect and that any imperfections only surface when they are with the wrong men.

Ghanaian women are perfect, the only time you see any imperfection is when we’re with the wrong men. If you’re with a woman who is caring, what improvement are you looking for? What is your definition of more caring?” she quizzed.

Nana Aba Anamoah challenged men who seek more caring or responsible partners, asking them what more they could possibly want from someone who is already caring and responsible.


The mother of one also stressed the importance of reciprocity in relationships, noting that it is unsustainable to expect too much from someone while giving nothing in return. quoted her to have said that “Because if you have a woman who is responsible and you say I need more responsibility, what are you talking about?

“It depends on the man in the relationship, if I’m supportive and you’re not supportive, you don’t expect me to be supportive forever, it stops at some point. You can’t eat your cake and have it, you can’t expect so much from someone when you’re giving nothing back.

“You’re in a relationship with a man and the woman is just giving and giving and the man does nothing, the man is just comfortable with the woman giving everything and he’s not doing anything about it,” Nana Aba added.

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