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Logically Mahama is not the best option for Ghana | Bongo Ideas descends on the NDC

After the election held in Nigeria, which was clearly won by Bola Ahmed Tinibu, it has kind of generated a “presidential conversation” in Ghana.

This back and forth on Twitter and other media handles have also encouraged an online critic Bongo Ideas to share his view on the proper personality for Ghana’s presidential seat 2024. In his view sharing, he descends on Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).


In the influencer’s tweet, he made it clear that Mahama logically cannot handle Ghana in the next era because he was given a chance and he screwed up.


For that matter, we cannot entrust the country into his hands.

This from the influencer has really generated and divided arguments as a part of the people who are mostly NPP, the opposition for the NDC agrees with him.

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