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I’m christened “Kyiri Abosom” by God Almighty not by any other means

Leader and Founder of Life Assembly Worship Center Christian Kwabena Andrews has opened up on how he came by his popular name Osofo Kyiri Abosom.

In an interview with Delay on the Delay show, he revealed that his real name given to him at birth was Seth Kusi but adopted the name Kyiri Abosom after an encounter with God. 

According to him, he has been preaching from a young age and the name came about one day when he was sleeping and dreamt about God. 

He mentioned that whiles in teacher training he had a dream and God told him that henceforth he will be known as Kyiri Abosom.

He revealed that in the dream he saw a multitude of people who had gathered somewhere but he was lifted amongst them to stand on a pulpit by someone he couldn’t see very well and all the person said was his name was now Kyiri Abosom Andrew. 

After he woke up from his sleep he wrote the name down and went out to preach but he met another person who told him that he is very lucky that God has changed his name and he was going to burn and destroy gods.

On how he became a pastor, he revealed that he was a member of the Methodist Church of Ghana and was a member of the singing group.

But along the line, he started hearing voices in his head. He disclosed that one day he was in his room when he heard a voice behind his window asking him to go to Amakye Dede’s spot.

He went out to check but there was no one there however, he obeyed and went to the spot after spending some minutes there a car came to stand in front of him and a woman gave him huge stacks of cash. 

Kyiri Abosom added that he questioned the lady but all the woman told him was all his questions weren’t necessary.

He later heard the voice again which directed him on what to do to begin his ministry.

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