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Please don’t contract Ghanaians to build school in honour of Christian Atsu – Newcastle fans advised.

For the love of their former player, Christian Atsu, Newcastle United fans have started a fundraiser in honour of the late Christian Atsu, with the goal of completing the former winger’s plan to construct a new school in Ghana.

A GoFundMe created on February 20, 2023, by the fan organisation group Talk of Tyneside to support the cause has garnered over GH?70k in two days.

Atsu was an ambassador for the nonprofit Arms Around the Child, which he was working alongside to help construct the new school, which was already underway. 

With more than £4,000 already raised, Talk of Tyneside is inviting supporters to give to their fundraising to continue what Atsu began in his native Ghana.

However, some Ghanaians have advised the group to come into the country and complete the project by themselves instead of contracting someone in Ghana for it.

Christian Atsu, during his peak at Newcastle, UK.

In their view, the school’s construction will be stalled and the monies squandered if a Ghanaian is contracted for the project.

One Facebook user wrote: “They should come and build the school themselves. They should not give the money to anyone.”

Another agreed with him: “I think they should complete the school project he was doing for his orphanage but they should do it themselves as he’s saying”

A third person added: “I wish they would rather put it in scholarship fund for the orphans that depended on him, that way the money will be locked n’a sa Ghana wei de3 if they don’t make it government school people will end up changing huge school fees for their own pocket.”

A fourth user wrote: “Never should they give it to anyone else we are dead. This death is not a small death oo

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