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Bongo Ideas calls Ghana Police on Asamoah Gyan after the player threatened him and insulted his mom


The internet has not seen rest after the clash of Bongo Ideas and Asamoah Gyan. The issue which was triggered by a comment from the blogger, Bongo Ideas, even though he claims he didn’t do anything, got Asamoah Gyan infuriated and as a matter of fact insults him mercilessly as he still pursue him. According to many, Asamoah Gyan shouldn’t have responded to a “fool”, and by so doing he has given Bongo Ideas the attention he has been yearning for. Due to what the player said in his comment, Bongo Ideas has drawn the attention of The Ghana Police Service to deal with Asamoah Gyan in case anything bad happens to him because he “did not do anything to hurt him”

Bongo Ideas has been behind many online brouhaha because of his “intelligent” criticisms on social media. He has become one of the most sort after social media users because a lot of people see him as a “cyber bully” which he claims he is not. Asamoah Gyan is not the only personality pursuing him a lot of personalities are also doing same.


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