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What Christian Atsu said last before being found lifeless revealed


Body of Christian Atsu arrives in Ghana

Ghanaian footballer the late Christian Atsu Twasam has left great sadness in the hearts of Ghanaians and the world as a whole after the news of his demise broke out. He was unlucky part of the victims of the recent Turkey-Syria earthquake and only God knows why he took his life. The remains of the kind footballer has yesterday been brought home (Ghana) and other necessary rites are being done. However the last words of Christian Atsu has got netizens thinking.

The grieve he left the world

The sudden departure of the Ghanaian football star comes as a real shock to the world, epecially the people from Ghana. Lots have been said so far regarding the procedures and meaures needed to make sure he is given a state burial the least. The Turkish earthquake which too so many lives has been really a challenging experience for the people of Turkey. Hopefully, with time, all will be back to normal.

Body of Christian Atsu arrives in Ghana.

The player’s last words in a tweet, was a question. In his quest, he wanted to be sure if Ghana is indeed a democratic country? As to why he tweeted that, it’s still unknown but some Ghanaians have shared Their own opinions. Tweet below.

Many people have come up with their own understanding with regards to the tweet by the late Christian Atsu. They find it to be very deep even though they have come up with an understanding. Some answers found online.

and it continues…

May the good soul of the late Christian Atsu rest in perfect peace.

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