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The demise of Hajia Montecarlo has triggered sorrow but enforced love and unity in Hamburg.

Outside her busy schedules, Hajia Montecarlo was a very caring and hardworking woman who will anything for others as much as for herself.

Based on information surrounding the death of Hajia Montecarlo, LAWRENCE POSTINGS MEDIA deduced some very phenomenal points have been raised. She was born on 7th June 1972 and passed on 8th February 2023.

The masses of well wishers on her day of burial said it all. People from all over the world came to show their last respect to the “Queen of African delicacies”. She was so humble even to a little child. Hajia was full of love and energy. When you taste her food for the first time, you’ll definitely find your way there to her restaurant again!

As the saying goes, a good name is better than riches. Germans and other various countries on the other hand took the spots of service and enjoyed African meals through the hands of Hajia on several occasions.

Hajia MontecarloClothed with love and kindness.

“Hajia served with her Heart.”… said one German lady who’s been with her for years.

“She was a woman of love and peace, everyone who came around her loved her vibe and energy”…one African brother said.

“People of Hamburg we have lost a big one. When people die we are so quick to unite to bury them, what about taking care of each other to live even longer? Do we realize we are killing each other everyday? Let’s stop the envy, backbiting and hatred. Let’s build a peace mechanism for us and our children. So they won’t learn from our wrong ways. God bless you all.”Daniel Jeddman, constructively criticized.

Watch Full Video of Burial of Hajia by courtesy Oforione.

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