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You don’t like secular musicians but you reserve front seats in church for lawyers who defend criminals — Kaywa Beatz

Record producer, David Kojo Kyei aka Kaywa has criticized churches that discriminate against secular musicians.

Speaking about the difficulties he faces juggling his work as a sound engineer with his responsibilities as an ordained preacher, Kaywa told Takoradi’s Connect FM that it is hypocritical for society to disapprove of secular music while accepting other secular occupations.

“I always say this, I can compare my job to that of a doctor, a politician, or a lawyer. I don’t call where I find myself a challenge. You are not accepted in the church if you make secular music, but if you have a secular job like the doctor, you are given a front role to sit in church. A lawyer can defend a thief in court and he will be accepted in the church. But if you record love songs as a musician, the church is against it. It’s unfortunate.”

Kaywa added that his passion for his job and ministering the gospel do not conflict. Adding that doing the Lord’s work through helping people succeed in their career (music) is not a sin. 

“All these are religious practices. I do a lot for free (production) because of my passion for the job. Sometimes I find someone who is good and I want to help. I like to contribute to people’s success. I don’t think about the money.”

Amongst so many great songs of Kaywa Beatz, he also mixed and mastered FAVOUR by Daniel Jeddman and MOG Music.

Enjoy Music below;

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