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Christian Atsu should be still alive – Daniel Jeddman (Critical Analysis)

Just like everyone else who heard the bizarre news about the earthquake in North Turkey and Syria, others seemed to be very much concerned about the situation and decided to share a breakdown to it. Daniel Jeddman, a popular Ghanaian Music Artist based in Germany gave his “analytical view” of point.

In the early hours of 6th February, 2023, a 7.8 Magnitude of earthquake surprised the northern part of Turkey which shares borders with some portions of Syria, hence Syria experiencing a severe hit as much as Turkey. From then till now, so many lives are feared missing, some dead, others unaccounted for!

Daniel Jeddman comes from Ghana and a patriotic one off course. Even though he’s lived most of his life in Europe, his love for the Ghana national team is deep and very strong. Well, on the latter of 6th February, there were rumors that, Christian Atsu and his manager were also stuck in a rubble during the earthquake that has taken over 20,000+ lives so far, displacing so many people to be homeless. It’s heard over 10,000 auto-houses used during the Qatar World Cup will be donated to them, especially those from Syria.

The Ghanaian midfielder and winger who is supposed to be playing for Hatayspor had his name all over the news and till date with the same despair we’ve all been trapped i into.

These are the Personal Analysis of Daniel Jeddman about Christian Atsu.

  • How came they claimed he was rescued and sent to a hospital and sent information all over the news including some of the major news channels in the world, CNN, Al Jazeera, Kicker, BBC…etc. and later reverted it was “a mistake of identity.”
  • How possible was his manager and other players rescued whilst he wasn’t till date?
  • Who’s supposed to be responsible for the investigation of his missing drama?
  • If his boots have been found, there should be questions to the last person who was with him to try to remember if he (Atsu) was wearing his boots or not.
  • If he was wearing his boots, it would then mean he took them off to locate else where or to crawl into a safer place.
  • The contractor and owner of the building needs heavy questioning about the blueprint and plan of building.
  • If after 150 hours babies and toddlers are even rescued, there could be some positive information concerning at athletic man such as Atsu.
  • Atsu is known for speed and agility. On a more serious note, yes able to sneak to safety.
  • When they found his boots, were there also any stains of blood around there? Did they also find his shirts or anything?
  • Daniel Jeddman continued by saying…”Christian Atsu is still alive… he’s identity must have been exchanged with someone else due to the complexity and trauma of the whole situation amongst rescuers.
  • To hear his team gives up on the search gives The President of Ghana, Ghana Football Association and the Ghanaian Ambassador to Turkey an opportunity to set up a team, ask the Ghanaian people to donate some funds to advance the search of our beloved.
  • It’s either he escaped and recovering in a hiding, his identity mixed up in a hospital or he’s still waiting for rescue.
  • If you have anything to add to what Daniel Jeddman has said, you are free to leave a comment below this post on Lawrence Postings Media and don’t forget to share your email and name so we can keep you posted.
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