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Do you actually realise I’m the most important person to the youth in Ghana? – Reggie Rockstone

Grandpapa of hiplife Reggie Rockstone has expressed his displeasure on Showbiz 927 about how people, especially the youth, are quick to downplay others in the industry. He spoke widely about appreciating the efforts of others and pushing Ghana’s contribution to African music.

Reggie Rockstone implored Ghanaians to be proactive in pushing their agenda or suffer a downward spiral in the industry. He also voiced that the implications of continuously criticising and downplaying other musicians’ achievements are negative images of our musical culture.

“Sometimes I do worry because young people will come to Twitter and talk the most trash to an old Gee. And I’m thinking to myself, do you realise I am the most important person to you young people? I’m the reason you have a voice. I’m the reason you can wear your dreadlocks. You can do this and do that.”

Reggie Rockstone pointed out that before BBC’s feature on Hiplife, the genre had previously been documented by Professor Jesse Weaver Shipley in the book, Living the Hiplife. But Ghana has never bothered to look it up.

The originator of the Hiplife genre ended by saying that situation can be remedied by “stepping up our game or we will not get a seat at the table.”

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