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Ameyaw Debrah Weeps As He Recounts How He Nearly Gave Up On His Dreams Just 5 Years Ago

Ameyaw Debrah, a respected Ghanaian blogger reveals he nearly gave up on his new project Ameyaw TV 5 years ago He made the narration in a YouTube video that was created in celebration of the 5-year milestone of the initiative Although the beginning was difficult, the project has grown so much to the point where an entire studio has been built recently for Ameyaw TV.

Famous Ghanaian blogger, Ameyaw Debrah, has revealed he nearly quit on his dreams after he decided to invest heavily in his video production just five years ago. In a video celebrating the five-year journey, Ameyaw indicated that in 2018, he figured that video would be a big deal in the near future and decided to spend his life savings on Ameyaw TV.

“I remember I went to my account and my balance was reduced by 300% which tells you all my money was gone. It was sad. I wanted to give up and I almost did,” he says.

However, with persistence and consistency, Ameyaw’s idea began to flourish bit by bit and chalked a huge success when he built an entire studio.

Ameyaw, I really admire your resilience. Thanks for sharing. Louisa Fiadjoe indicated: Awwwwwww happy 5 yrs anniversary. Its bn a while l watched. Sorry Napari Kofi mentioned: Ameyaw hope U get other business’s that fetch U money apart from YouTube?

When Ameyaw Debrah built his studio As reported, Ameyaw Debrah amazed her countrymen by transforming a shipping container into a chic studio.

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