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A netizen describes R. Kelly in a sad poem.

Oh my naive Hero Boy,
living only
in a Man’s Body, oh My mighty multi talented, Robert Kelly,
how are the MIGHTY FALLEN!

If You were genuinely
BORN AGAIN, living FOR Christ, would Your lust lead You,
to this public shame?
The crafty Iblis, the great Asatan, hates talented
Black folks, therefore, We should be extremely careful with some of our habits.

Yahweh, please have mercy on many rich Black People.
When many of We black folks become rich, We rather eat more and have more sex, minus that sincere worship of our CREATOR,
in purity, shunning all
forms of ɛhuhubra(worldliness-
like unpaid vague empty dancing, watching useless porns, shagging different Jezebels, filling our bellies with pizzas and eating chunky meats).
I feel very sad for this
My Hero, Robert Kelly.

Oh how are the mighty fallen…
Let us be very extremely watchful of some of our bad habits, they have the potential, to expose us to public shame.

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