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It took the Holy Spirit to save me from the severe addiction of masturbation – MOG MUSIC

MOG Music shared his disturbing journey with masturbation until he received deliverance at the hands of the Holy Spirit.

The gospel minister has never shunned away from his troubling teenage years fraught with alcoholism, smoking and masturbation. MOG Music always uses the opportunity to reveal God’s grace and mercy.

“I started masturbating when i was going to SHS. After i gave my life to Jesus Christ, I met one of my old friends when I came home. So he came to my house and told me about a way to release sexual tension without having sex with a woman. So throughout secondary school, it was going on, but it wasn’t intensive. But when I gave my life to Christ, the desire to masturbate became strong. So even though I was born again, I was masturbating behind the scenes.”

Recounting those turbulent days to Delay, MOG Music disclosed that he tried many avenues to stop the act but to no avail.

“I went to see our prayer secretary on campus, and I confided in him. He gave me seven days of fasting and prayers. It didn’t work. I told our campus visiting pastor, who ordered twenty-one days of fasting and prayers. It also didn’t work. It was hurting me because anytime I masturbate, I regret it. When i get the urge, I behave like one who is possessed. If I don’t masturbate, I can never rest.”

MOG Music shared his final delivery session with the Holy Spirit.

Daniel Jeddman featuring MOGmusic on Favour. Available on YouTube

“One day, I was alone at home. And I had a strong urge to masturbate. So i went to the bathroom and put soap on my palms. Ready to apply. Then the feeling of regret came over me. I prayed a sincere prayer to the Holy Spirit. I said, ‘Holy Spirit, you know I’ve fasted and prayed. You know I’ve gone for deliverance. And it all didn’t work. If you don’t save me, no one can.

“A strong wind entered the room and passed through me. I felt it pull something out of me. I could see something leaving me. I came to my senses, wondering why I had soap in my palm. I went to wash my hand and took my shower. That was it.”

Enjoy MOGMUSIC’s song he was featured on with Daniel Jeddman;

Favour | Daniel Jeddman ft. MOGmusic
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