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The equipments I saw in a hospital in USA caused me to lose confidence – US-based Ghanaian nurse

US-based Ghanaian nurse Priscilla Kumah has revealed that she lost confidence in herself when she began work despite her 10-year experience working with the 37 military hospitals in Ghana.

In an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Priscilla mentioned that she’s always had a confident personality, but she lost it all once she entered the hospital ward.

“Nursing and the health system are totally different from the US. My confidence level dropped to one per cent when I got to the ward. Everything is completely different and disposable. 

We did not use stethoscopes as nurses in Ghana, but every nurse here has one. I had to learn a lot of new things despite my experience in Ghana. Ghanaian nurses only use stethoscopes for photoshoots,” she told DJ Nyaami.

Miriam indicated that her colleague nurses ridiculed her for her little knowledge of equipment usage. She added that the Ghanaian curriculum has to be changed to suit the international standards.

Moreover, Mariam mentioned that some nursing fields only accept a master’s degree qualification.

“Unfortunately, community nursing, psychiatrist nursing, and midwifery are master’s degree courses in the US. It’s only five states that accept midwifery certificates from Ghana.

According to her, nursing is one of the most stressful jobs in America and advised people to pursue it for the love of it but not for money. She disclosed that she makes 32 to 35 dollars an hour in New York State.

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube: SVTV Africa

Source: Opera News

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