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George M. Britton (Media Pundit and Manager of Camidoh) on some shocking revelations about the youth in Ghana 🇬🇭

A few hours ago, George Britton stated how a reasonable number of young men and women approached him to inquire about the “Cryptoe Exchange” or the cutting of toes for money in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 .

Same as other bloggers and publishers, he updated his followers on his website concerning the alarming situation of people cutting their toes for money in Zimbabwe. A couple of days after, George emphatically wrote, “

The CRAZE FOR FINANCIAL GAINS amongst the youth is absurd.

Couple of days ago I shared a GBAfrica News item about “Zimbabweans cutting their toes off in exchange of Cash or CrypToe” and to my surprise, I have received loads of calls from young men who are inquiring if I’m the one behind this BUSINESS because they are willing to offer their toes for money here in Ghana.

Is this how far we’ve gotten to as young people?”

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