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The awkward now natural in Zimbabwe as more people keep dissipating their energy due to hunger strike.

It is rather getting more serious than we all thought. More and more people are seen cutting their toes with pliers desperately for the pleasure of money.

In one incident, a man was seen fighting with another claiming he deceived him to meet the client meant for him which turned into a feud between the two. What is obvious to be painful and atrocious is now seen “ok” and normal for the Zimbabweans.

To sell a part of your body for $ 40,000+ is quite intriguing! Yet very alarming and worrisome. This news was scrutinized by one of Ghana’s prolific publishers in the world, Daniel Jeddman.

Most native doctors in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 have stood up against the act as “disrespectful to the soul”. As this issue develops.

Native doctor very furious about the toes cutting issues.

Lawrence Postings will dig deeper to bring you more information about the matter. May Africa overcome every hardship developing from the “unknown source”.

Source: Lawrence Postings

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