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Meet the 24-year-old Ghanaian teacher who sows free uniforms and buys other school items for 1000s of pupils

A young Ghanaian teacher known as Janet Asibi, is contributing her quota to the betterment of society.

Janet Asibi and her mommy Berla Mundi

Janet Asibi is a National Service Scheme personnel at Nsoatre SDA primary school in the Bono Region where some pupils attend school with either worn-out uniforms or no uniforms at all.

She spends her free days and time to sow worn-out uniforms and even new ones for her pupils at Duna and Gunayili L/A basic school located in the Northern region.

Ghanaian teacher who sows uniforms for pupils

She considered finding solutions to this challenge as a collective responsibility thereby engaging in sewing new school uniforms for each and every child in need with her personal funds and with the support of friends and loved ones. 

The school uniforms per child currently cost her GH¢60 and sometimes less depending on the school.

The project of getting the pupils’ new uniforms she stated is successfully done through partnering with another seamstress whom she pays.

“It is my dream to expand this project dubbed “One Student; One School Uniform” to other affected students in other schools in Ghana,” she told Kojo Emmanuel.

Janet Asibi is currently undertaking this project with one manual sewing machine which she transports from school to school

“Since I have been touring around schools in the community just to go stitch, and patch outworn or tattered uniforms..some uniforms are extremely damaged and can’t be stitched unless she sew a new one for them and some too come to school holding or carrying their books on their head, as for them too, they need a new school bag,” she stated.

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