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This man, Ian Sawyer, says there’s no heaven and hell… DO YOU AGREE WITH HIM? Read to find out.

There is not one single shred of factual evidence which indicates that either a god or any form of afterlife exist, other than in the human mind. Studies have shown us the almost undoubted reason why the god concept arose – to fill the many gaps in mankind’s knowledge at a point in our evolution when we first started to think and to rationalise the world around us. A ‘god’, a mythical entity who could do anything, was an easy and psychologically satisfying explanation to fill those gaps. However as mankind’s knowledge increased, the places in which those early gods could live diminished proportionately; for instance when it was known what caused thunder, there was no need for a god of thunder to explain the phenomenon.But over the millennia, as mankind became more organised, someone somewhere realised that the power of belief in the god concept was the basis of a way to control people and exercise power over them. Promise them an afterlife and a heaven and a hell, which in those still primitive and superstition-ridden days were not seen as anything unrealistic, and you had a carrot and a stick with which to get people to do your bidding. Those who were ‘good’ and followed the rules the early religious leaders had laid down were promised an eternal life of bliss in a heaven, but those who were ‘bad’ were destined to burn for eternity in a hell. Just promises, no substance behind them, but they worked, largely because there was no way to disprove them either.For the last several thousand years this pattern has persisted, based on nothing but smoke and mirrors, and people’s innate superstition. It’s a self-perpetuating mechanism which is reinforced by societies around the world, and only benefits those formalised religions who still dominate with the power, control, and let’s not forget the wealth, it brings them.As I said initially, there is not one single shred of factual evidence to support the reality of a god, nor of any form of afterlife; it’s literally all in the mind of those who want to believe in it.

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