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Google has completed the full verification process for Lawrence Postings to be eligible for Publications Globally

Great news hitting the camp of Lawrence Postings today. Google approved Lawrence Postings for major publications.

This unarguably allows the News Media Company based in Hamburg, Germany to publish all variety of news from Europe, Africa, America and all the other continents. Retrospectively, they’ve been very consistent and focused in their directives, making sure to share important information to the public.

Google is the highest searching portal in the world when it comes to digital marketing which is the leading strategy of information now. The analogue application of transfer is strictly outdated.

Lawrence Postings hereby beseech all his followers to follow them on Google News so they’ll directly receive feeds and notifications in their Gmails.

Below is a short video of how to “Follow” them on Google. It’s pretty much easy!

Or follow the steps below;

1. Download Google News App on Android’s Play Store or iPhone’s App Store.

2. Install the Google News App on your mobile device and sign in with your Gmail Account(s).

3. Search for your favorite Lawrence Postings and tap the star right beside it as illustrated in the 20 seconds video.


You may also CLICK HERE to access the News Source of Lawrence Postings directly.

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Let’s grow together 💙

Lawrence Postings
Lawrence Postings
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