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Undo all wrongs done or we vote against party – Akwatia NPP vows

Some members of the New Patriotic Party in Akwatia Constituency of the Eastern Region, have given the regional executives and the national executives of the party a one month ultimatum to “undo all the wrongs perpetuated on this constituency.”

They described the actions of party leaders, such as the imposition of a parliamentary candidate on them, as “shooting the party in the foot.”

Outlining their major concerns, they accused the General Secretary, John Boadu and the Constituency Chairman Alhaji Baba Yakubu of scheming to impose the old executives on them as their new leaders.

But reacting to the imposition, the aggrieved members declared that “we wish to state without fear that we do not recognize the continuity of these executives, as far as we are concerned, there are no constituency executives in Akwatia.”

According to them, the woes of Akwatia are coming back due to leadership’s failure to apply a common sense approach to manage the party.

The NPP loyalists are threatening to elect their own parliamentary candidate, independent of the party’s choice, for the 2024 elections.

“Failure to [honour this ultimatum], we will also as party members, create our own album, elect our own area coordinators and constituency executive and when it’s time to choose a parliamentary candidate, we will elect our parliamentary canidate for the 2024 election. If our leaders can be greedy and lawless, they should note, we can be more lawless for their pleasure.”

Addressing a press conference telecast live on Angel TV, Mr. Fred Nana Yaw Baah said “What our leaders are doing now is that they are shooting the party in the foot, later, they will turn back to cry that people have voted skirt and blouse. People might even vote pyjamas against the party this time around.”

The NPP loyalists want the party’s constitution to work and leaders to reunite the base to recapture the parliamentary seat from the NDC.

“We are asking for the guidelines for the 2022 elections in John Boadu’s 28th January Press release to be made to work fully…We are still waiting for the National Party to lift the ban to allow us have the polling station elections, election of electoral area coordinators and then constituency executives. ”

They further served notice that they do not fear attacks from ‘garden boys’ of leaders because they are mortuary men and don’t fear horror film.


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